corn hush puppies, pepper jam
romaine red wine vin, Clemson Blue Cheese, black walnuts, pickled grapes
shishito peppers turmeric, vanilla vin
beets buttermilk ricotta, pickled green tomato, herbs
fingerling potatoes malt vinegar butter, sage
forage board produce, herbs
Harold & Lillian lox* & latkes, apples, crème fraiche. A portion of the Harold & Lillian sales are donated to local Jewish Foundations.

On a roll

mushroom mustard greens, scrambled eggs, biscuit
seawich from the nets
grilled chicken thighs greens, spicy buttermilk, biscuit
bison burger* smoked cheddar, grilled lto, brioche


mustard greens SC quail, sea island red peas, sweet onion
squash mushrooms, gruyere, lemon
carrots Quinoa, charred scallion yogurt, pickled black berry
cauliflower fresh catch, charred citrus, salsa verde
tomato seafood stew, SC shellfish, potatoes, saffron
broccoli pork belly, cheddar, green apple

nectar & regale

grilled carrot cake
parsnip &chocolate

* – Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.