photo by Amy Weaver

Leslie Wade, Farmer

Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas back when gas was just $0.59 a gallon, Leslie Wade serves as Harold’s Cabin’s resident farmer – otherwise known as “that grower lady.” Wade holds a degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech, but gained the majority of her education by learning from people and experiences throughout her life. Those experiences range from working at a bible factory as a teenager one summer, where Wade learned that she never wanted to work in a bible factory, to serving as a horticultural therapist in a men’s prison, teaching inmates to grow their own food and develop a sense of self-worth.
Now, Wade works as the community garden coordinator for the Charleston Parks Conservancy. When she’s off the clock, Wade enjoys spending time with her husband Ben, daughter Lyla, dogs Ette and Serre, and the various critters, reptiles and insects found in her backyard – names pending. She has been known to frighten passersby while hiding in the cedar tree “cave” in her yard.